The Benefits of Window Film

Below are just some of the huge number of benefits window film can offer.

Solar Control

Statistics show that compared to heating a building it takes approximately 3 times more energy to cool it! Solar energy and glare that enters your building through ordinary glass windows as radiated heat, light and glare can make everyday tasks very uncomfortable.

The installation of our films to your existing glazing are by far the most cost effective way to reduce incoming temperature and glare. They could reduce running costs of air conditioning greatly or even eliminate the need to install it at all. Tintfit's solar window films can reduce the percentage of solar heat entering the building by up to 91% and the percentage of solar glare by up to 96% whilst still allowing light to pass through.

Current Health & Safety and Display Screen Equipment Regulations make it the employer's responsibility to provide a comfortable working environment. Staff productivity and attendance can be greatly affected due to high temperatures and glare that can cause eye-strain, headaches and fatigue amongst other things, all of which can be resolved by installing a solar control film.

With the government's current push to reduce energy usage within buildings our solar films are an excellent addition and can reduce the energy transmitted into a building dramatically.


Whilst one side of your building can suffer from huge solar heat gains the opposite side of the building can be suffering from heat loss. Tintfit's range of Low E coated insulation films can offer the benefits of solar control films by reducing incoming solar heat and glare in the summer, whilst also reducing the heat loss through glass in the winter by up to 30%.

These films have a reflective finish and can range from being very dark to give a level of privacy to very light and virtually undetectable once installed. These films can achieve energy cost savings of over 15% and have a typical payback of just 3-5 years!


Privacy films can be needed for numerous reasons including keeping valuable goods out of sight and stopping prying eyes. Our range of privacy films allow clear glass to be transformed into one way vision panes under the correct lighting conditions or, if necessary, they can be totally obscured. Our privacy films come in a vast range of colours and designs with various levels of privacy. Most one way films can be combined with our safety and security films for additional security for your valuable goods.

Safety & Security

Tintfit's range of safety and security films are designed and tested to hold glass in place in the event of an accidental or intentional impact, severe weather or even a bomb blast. The glass may crack or even shatter but would be held together by the film.

Our films can deter opportunist thieves, protect property, prevent injury and even save lives in the event of an explosion and also greatly reduce the time and expense cleaning up after a window breakage. These films can be combined with solar films to offer even more benefits or can be installed as an ultra-clear film so that it is virtually undetectable once installed. They come in a range of thicknesses to suit your needs and meets all of the British and European standards for impact testing including but not limited to BS 6206, EN 12600 and EN 356.

Safety films can be used in any location and fully comply with the workplace health, safety and welfare regulations act to bring existing glass up to British standard EN 12600 (2B2) without the need of replacing the existing glazing at a fraction of the cost.

UV Protection

Tintfit's range of UV reducing films will reduce Ultra Violet light by at least 99%. Discoloring and fading of furniture and other items can occur when they are exposed to direct sunlight. 90% of the causes of fading are made up of UV light, heat and visible light. Over 80% of these 3 causes can be eliminated by installing our UV films.

UV protection films are ideally suited to museums, shop fronts, conservatories, vehicles and homes, not only to reduce fading but also to reduce the health risks involved with harmful UV rays. UV films can be combined with solar films to offer even more benefits or can be installed as an ultra-clear film so that it is virtually undetectable once installed.


Many unremarkable modern buildings can be transformed into striking examples of attractive architecture with the application of a tinted or reflective decorative window film. Tintift's extensive range of decorative films can offer a huge variety of finishes on glass, offering almost unlimited decorative design ideas. As well as our standard range of etched & frosted films we have numerous patterned, coloured, opaque, translucent & transparent films.

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