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   AR Creations - UAE authorised distributor.

   Address - Al Makhawi Bldg. First Floor 103-5, Oud Metha, P. O. Box. 80744. Dubai, U.A.E.

   Contact -
   Percy Bhatporia - +971 55 311 5003
   Aslam Sheik - +971 50 777 1365

   Website - www.ar-creation.com


Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a distributor of Tintfit products.


Saves Energy

All of Tintfit’s window films help reduce heat transmission through glass. Depending on the film selected, you can achieve a huge percentage of total solar energy rejection. When less solar energy comes into or is kept in your home or office building, your climate control system doesn't have to work as hard. The result: significant savings on your energy bills.

Increases Comfort

With less heat from the sun coming through the glass, there is lower solar heat gain and fewer hot spots, so building occupants can enjoy a more comfortable interior environment.

Reduces Glare

Glare reduction helps make an interior environment more comfortable, functional and enjoyable as it allows occupants to watch television and view computer screens with greater ease.

Improves Appearance

Our window films range from virtually invisible to 100% unable to see through in a range of different colours to compliment the building or car they are being applied to.

Resists Scratches

All of our films have a scratch resistant coating unlike cheap Chinese films that can also be purchased on the internet. This does not mean it will not scratch it simply means the film will resist scratches up to a certain point.

Improves Safety

Although products not listed under the ‘security’ category are not considered “safe and secure”, once they bond to glass, they can help make that glass more shatter-resistant by holding broken splinters and shards together in the event of malicious, accidental or storm-related breakage.

Reduces Fading

All Tintfit’s window films help reduce fading of interior furnishings by blocking out as much as 99% of harmful and damaging ultraviolet light. The exact degree of fade reduction depends on your specific film selection, as well as the overall environment.

Visible Light Transmission

A common concern about installing window film is that it may reduce too much of the visible light so making internal areas darker. This concern is often more perception than reality. The human eye works like a camera lens. It adjusts to the loss of light and therefore compensates any major changes in light levels received by the brain.

Visible Light of Film 100% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 100%
Visible Light of Film 80% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 87%
Visible Light of Film 60% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 82%
Visible Light of Film 33% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 68%
Visible Light of Film 18% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 55%
Visible Light of Film 14% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 49%
Visible Light of Film 0% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 0%

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