AirBorn International Ltd

Installing window tint film for AirBorn International Ltd

Client –
AirBorn International Ltd

Location –

Task –

Reduce heat and glare for staff working inside

Product(s) Used –
External Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film

Description –

Our team provided a professional solution by installing the External Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film. This film boasts impressive technical features, including a remarkable 80% total solar energy rejection and an impressive 82% reduction in solar glare.

Thanks to its features, including a “Hard” scratch-resistant layer for durability and easy maintenance during window cleaning, this window film ensures optimal functionality and aesthetics. It transforms the window into a comfortable workspace while creating a modern and stylish appearance.

Upgrade your office space like Airborn – Kent did, and experience the benefits of the External Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film. Say goodbye to uncomfortable working conditions and hello to a more productive and enjoyable environment.

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