Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film: A Powerful Solution for Glare and Heat Reduction!



Private Residence


Essex, UK


Reduce heat and glare while maintaining the skylights’ natural light

Material Consumption

28m² for 5 skylights


Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film

Technical Specifications of Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film

  • Ultraviolet Transmission: 1%
  • Visible Light Transmission: 18%
  • Reflection of External Visible Light: 60%
  • Reflection of Internal Visible Light: 60%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected: 79%
  • Solar Glare Reduction: 83%
  • Colour: Silver

Benefits of Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film

  • Reduces heat and glare while preserving natural light
  • Provides privacy without compromising illumination
  • Exceptional total solar energy rejection for energy efficiency
  • Scratch-resistant layer ensures durability and easy maintenance

Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film is the ultimate choice for homeowners who seek to reduce heat and glare without sacrificing the natural light provided by their skylights. 

With its impressive technical specifications, this film achieves outstanding solar energy rejection and glare reduction. Our satisfied customers now enjoy a more comfortable living space while benefiting from energy efficiency and reduced cooling costs.

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