Experience Window Film Installation: Client Case Study

Example of Installing 24m² Dark Sputtered Neutral 25 Window Film at Private Residence in Newcastle upon Tyne


Private Individual


Newcastle upon Tyne

Film Used

Dark Sputtered Neutral 25 Window Film

Coverage Area



Heat and Glare Reduction

In our recent project, a client in Newcastle upon Tyne sought effective heat and glare reduction solutions. After careful consideration, they opted for our Dark Sputtered Neutral 25 Window Film.

About the Film

  • Designed primarily for buildings, adaptable for vehicles 
  • Neutral tint closely resembling natural glass 
  • Dark neutral finish for daytime privacy 
  • Reflective properties for nighttime privacy 
  • Exceptional heat rejection and glare reduction 
  • Professional-grade quality with scratch resistance 
  • UV protection for skin and fabric longevity 
  • 10-year warranty and M1 fire resistance rating 

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