Heat Reduction and Privacy Solutions at WISE Academies

Heat Reduction and Privacy Solutions at WISE Academies


WISE Academies




Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film

Coverage Area



Heat reduction and privacy for staff and pupils

Our professional team recently completed a project for WISE Academies in Sunderland. The objective was to enhance privacy and reduce heat for the staff and pupils. The chosen solution was the Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film, applied over a coverage area of 46m².

Installation Process

Our skilled technicians installed the Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film internally, ensuring a flawless finish. The film’s excellent heat rejection properties made the installation process efficient and effective. The metalized layer in the film provided a mirrored appearance, which is not only functional but also adds a sleek aesthetic to the windows.

Key Features of Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film

  • Privacy During Daylight: The dark mirror silver finish stops people from seeing inside while allowing clear outward visibility during the day.
  • Heat Rejection & Glare Reduction: The film is excellent for rejecting heat and reducing glare, creating a more comfortable environment inside the building.
  • Durability: The film is non-fade and scratch-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • UV Protection: It blocks harmful UV rays, protecting skin and preventing the fading of fabrics.
  • Fire Resistance: The film has an M1 fire resistance rating, adding an extra layer of safety.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 10-year warranty, assuring long-term reliability.

The installation significantly improved the building’s thermal performance and privacy, creating a more conducive environment for both staff and pupils.

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