One Way Tint Film

Client –

Location –

Task –
Hide old degrading film with an external privacy film.

Product(s) Used –
External Premium Limo 05.

Description –
Tintfit were contacted by the general manager of Morrisons in Morpeth. They had an issue with some old degrading window film which was fitted on the inside of the glazing and had since had a stud wall installed meaning access to it was impossible.

Tintfit recommended using an external window film to hide the negative appearance of the old film. This would take away the need to remove the glass to access the degrading film.

After providing samples of products which would be suitable Morrisons decided on an External Premium Limo 05 window film. The film was installed to 120m2 of glass in only 2 days and the old unsightly film was no longer visible.

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