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Enhancing Heat Reduction and Privacy at the Workplace

In the dynamic corporate landscape, maintaining a comfortable and productive workspace is paramount. When PepsiCo’s Doncaster facility reached out to us, they were seeking a solution that would address two critical concerns: heat reduction and privacy.

The Challenge

PepsiCo’s Doncaster site faced the dual challenge of excessive heat and privacy concerns within their workspace. With vast windows exposing the office to intense sunlight, the interior temperature soared, making it uncomfortable for employees. Additionally, the need for privacy in a professional environment was of utmost importance.

The Solution

After conducting a comprehensive assessment of the facility, we recommended the installation of our Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film. This specialised window film is engineered to combat solar heat gain effectively while providing a high level of daytime privacy. Its reflective surface keeps the harsh sunlight at bay, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable interior.

Installation Process

Our skilled professionals executed the installation with precision, covering a total area of 165 square metres. The Dark Reflective Silver 20 Window Film was meticulously applied to the windows, ensuring a seamless finish.

The Result

The transformation was remarkable. PepsiCo’s Doncaster workspace now enjoys a significant reduction in heat, creating a more pleasant environment for employees. The enhanced privacy offered by the window film not only meets but exceeds the requirements of a professional setting.

Experience the Transformation

Are you facing similar challenges in your workspace? Discover how our range of window films can improve your environment. Explore the possibilities with Tintfit Window Films – your trusted partner for enhancing comfort and productivity with the best prices in the UK!

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