Window Tinting Solution in Yarm

Window Tinting Solution in Yarm

Client –
Private person

Location –

Task –

Our customer was well aware of the potential fading of their furniture due to the excessive sunlight allowed through their windows. They needed a solution that would effectively protect their belongings while still allowing ample natural light to pass through.

Product(s) Used –

Neutral UV 60 Window Film

Why chose the neutral UV60 film over the clear UV?

Uv rays are 40% of the cause of fading but both light and heat contribute to another 50% of the issue. The neutral UV 60 which if the customer is willing to accept a very lightly tinted film tackles all three.

Description –

The Neutral UV 60 film is mainly designed for use on buildings but can also be fitted to most glass surfaces, including vehicles if required. It finds great applications in museums, shops, homes, vehicles, and offices.

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