A Bathroom Window Tinting Case Study

Bathroom Window Tinting Case Study

Client –

Private person

Location –

Task –

Imagine having panoramic windows in your bathroom, allowing abundant natural light to flood the space. But what about privacy?

Product(s) Used –

White Frost 150 Micron Safety Window Film

Description –

We had the perfect solution for a client seeking both privacy and the beauty of natural light: the White Frost 150 Micron Safety Window Film.

Privacy Meets Aesthetics and Natural Light 

We carefully selected the White Frost 150 Micron Safety Window Film for its outstanding qualities. Not only does it provide complete privacy, both from the inside and the outside, but it also creates an appealing aesthetic for your windows. The film allows a pleasant level of natural light to pass through, ensuring a bright and inviting bathroom atmosphere.

Strengthened Protection, Enhanced Safety

This frosted safety and security film serves a dual purpose. It not only enhances privacy but also strengthens the glass itself. In the event of an impact, the glass may shatter, but the film holds the fragments together, preventing them from scattering. This feature deters smash-and-grab incidents, adding an extra layer of security to your bathroom.

Compliant with Building Regulations 

White Frost film meets the current regulations EN12600 (2B2). It aligns with safety glass requirements in public buildings, as designated by the shaded areas in the diagram provided. By choosing film, you ensure compliance and the highest level of safety.

Enjoy the Benefits, Protect Your Space

The advantages of the White Frost 150 Micron Safety Window Film go beyond privacy and safety. This professional-quality film resists fading, preserving the condition of fabrics and preventing UV light from harming your skin. With a 10-year warranty and an M1 fire resistance rating, it guarantees long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Purchase and Installation Made Easy 

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Don’t compromise on privacy or natural light – choose the perfect tinting solution for your needs.

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