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Below you find the widest range of stocked window film and vinyl application tools in the UK. Everything you need to achieve a prefect installation in any situation is available here. 

Welcome to Tintfit Window Films, your ultimate source for top-quality Window Film Installation Tools. Our wide range of professional-grade tools and accessories is designed to make your window film installation projects a breeze. Explore our wide range of products, from knives and squeegees to application solutions and toolkits, all crafted to meet your specific needs. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, our selection includes a variety of tools that are perfect for both professional installations and self-application of window films.

Buy Window Film Installation Tools

Enhance your window film installation with the finest tools available in the market. At Tintfit Window Films, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality products to cater to both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.

Our Assortment of Tint Installation Tools

Discover our comprehensive range of tools and accessories for a seamless window film installation:

  1. Knives. Our collection of precision knives are engineered to make precise and clean cuts, ensuring a professional finish for your projects.

  2. Blades. Choose from a variety of blades suitable for different tasks, providing you with the sharpness and durability needed for efficient installations.

  3. Scrapers. Our scrapers are designed to help you remove old film and adhesive residue with ease, ensuring a clean surface for your new installation.

  4. Handled Squeegees. For those seeking ergonomic design and ease of use, our handled squeegees offer the perfect solution for effective application.

  5. Squeegee Essentials. Explore our squeegee essentials, including felts, buffers, and replacement blades, to maintain the optimal performance of your squeegees.

  6. Paint Protection/Wraps/Vinyl & Graphics. Discover tools tailored for intricate tasks, such as installing paint protection films, wraps, vinyl, and graphics, with precision and care.

  7. Hard Cards. Our hard cards are designed to provide the necessary rigidity for smoothing out film and ensuring it adheres perfectly to the glass.

  8. Tube Squeegees. With tube squeegees, you can efficiently apply film to curved surfaces, ensuring a smooth and bubble-free finish.

  9. Installation Accessories. Explore a range of installation accessories, from application solution sprayers to tapes, designed to streamline the process.

  10. Measure/Mark & Trim. Achieve accurate measurements, markings, and trimming with our selection of tools tailored to these specific tasks.

  11. Sprayers & Accessories. Our sprayers and accessories are designed to provide even and consistent application of application solutions.

  12. Cleaning/Prep & Chemicals. Maintain a clean and well-prepped work environment with our cleaning and preparation tools and chemicals.

  13. Slitters & Accessories/Metres. For precise cutting and measurements, our slitters and metres are indispensable tools in any installer's arsenal.

  14. Professional Window Tint Tool Kits. Opt for our professional window tint tool kits, specially curated to provide a comprehensive set of tools for experienced installers.

DIY Window Film Application Solution

For DIY enthusiasts, we offer a range of DIY window film application solutions that simplify the installation process, making it accessible and convenient for all skill levels.

Professional Window Tinting Tools

Professional window tinters trust our range of tools and accessories to achieve flawless results in every project. Our commitment to quality and affordability makes us the preferred choice in the UK.

Why Choose Us?

  • Unbeatable Prices: We offer the lowest prices in the UK without compromising the quality of our products.

At Tintfit Window Films, we're dedicated to providing you with the best window film installation tools and solutions, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned film installation professional. Explore our catalogue, make your selection, and experience the difference our tools can make in your window film projects. Contact us today for more information or to place your order.

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