Arclite House

Client –
Princebuild (Arclite House).

Location –

Task –
Remove old window film and replace with new to reduce heat and glare within the building.

Product(s) Used –
External Reflective Silver 15 10yr.

Description –
Princebuild were undertaking a large scale refurbishment of Arclite House in Swindon. As part of the refurbishment the previously applied window film which had degraded over time was to be removed and replaced with a new solar control window film. The client was not happy with how long the old film had lasted and and tasked Princebuild with finding a externally fitted product with a long warranty. Tintfit External Reflective Silver 15 comes with a 10 year warranty (the longest external warranty available anywhere in the UK).

The shape and size of the all glass building coupled with the UK’s unreliable weather made the logistics of removing and installing this film one of the hardest we have come across in over 20 years. We have complete faith in our highly experienced fitters and accepted the challenge.

In total over 700m2 of widow film was removed and replaced with a brand new solar control film which will last for many years to come.

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