Office Privacy Upgrade in North London

Office Privacy Upgrade in North London




North London


Enhance Kitchen Privacy for Employees and Create a Homely Ambiance.


Reflective Privacy 20 Window Tint Film 

Looking to provide a serene and private space in your office? Reflective Privacy 20 is the perfect solution! This advanced window tint film features a dark mirror silver exterior, ensuring no prying eyes from outside. Meanwhile, employees can still enjoy outward visibility during daylight hours. 

Benefits of Reflective Privacy 20 Film

  • Achieve a home-like ambiance in the office kitchen.
  • Excellent heat rejection and glare reduction for added comfort.
  • Metalized layer creates a stylish mirrored appearance.
  • Non-fade and scratch-resistant, protecting from UV light.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Technical Data 

  • Ultraviolet transmission: 1%
  • Visible light transmission: 20%
  • External visible light reflection: 43%
  • Internal visible light reflection: 19%
  • Total solar energy rejected: 76%
  • Solar energy reflection: 50%
  • Solar energy absorption: 38%
  • Solar energy transmission: 12%
  • Reduction in Solar Glare: 80%
  • G-Value: 0.25 
  • U-Value: 5.1 
  • Emissivity: N/A 
  • Shading Coefficient: 0.28 
  • Installation Type: Internal 
  • Roll Length: 30.5m 
  • PET/PVC Composition: PET 
  • Thickness: 50μ 
  • Colour: SILVER 

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