Solving Heat & Glare Issues in London

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Private Residence


London, UK


Reduce heat & glare from skylight, enhancing comfort.


External Reflective Silver 15 Window Film


Our London client faced heat & glare problems from their skylight.


We recommended our External Reflective Silver 15 Window Film. With a 10-year warranty, this film is perfect for external use. Its dark mirror silver finish ensures privacy during the day while blocking heat, reducing glare, & protecting against harmful UV rays. 

Tech Specs

  • Ultraviolet Transmission: 1%
  • Visible Light Transmission: 14%
  • Reflection of External Visible Light: 65%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected: 86%
  • Solar Glare Reduction: 86%
  • Colour: Silver


Our experts flawlessly installed the film on the skylight, combining aesthetics with functionality. 


The room underwent a remarkable transformation. Our film reduced heat, minimised glare, and provided UV protection, creating a comfortable environment and preserving furnishings.

Trust & Durability

Our External Reflective Silver 15 Window Film is trusted by professionals for its outstanding performance and longevity. It comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring lasting satisfaction.

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