Window Tinting Solution in Westminster, London

Window Tinting Solution in Westminster, London

Client –
Private person

Location –
Westminster, London

Task –

Our client was looking to achieve 24-hour complete privacy during a refit of their property in Westminster. We were tasked with finding a solution that would meet their privacy needs effectively.

Product(s) Used –

Blackout Window Film

Description –

After careful consideration, we recommended the installation of blackout film on 65m2 of glazing. The blackout film provides total solid gloss blackout from both inside and out, ensuring absolute privacy. With this film, visibility from the outside is completely blocked, allowing them to enjoy their privacy without any compromise.

The blackout film also offers additional benefits. It not only prevents any light from entering or exiting the premises. Its non-fade properties ensure long-lasting performance, and it effectively blocks harmful UV rays, protecting against skin conditions and fading of fabrics. Plus, with a 10-year warranty and a fire resistance rating of M1, our client can have peace of mind knowing their investment is backed by quality and durability.

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