Colour changing window film.  

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Looking to enhance your vehicle's style and performance? Look no further — buy Chameleon Window Film from Tintfit Window Films today. Our curated selection ensures you get more than just a tint; you get a dynamic driving experience. When you buy Chameleon Window Film from us, you're investing in quality and style. Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality — buy Chameleon Window Film now and hit the road with a tint that adapts to your journey.

What is Chameleon Window Film?

Chameleon Window Film is a specialised optical film designed with properties that result in a colour-shifting effect based on changes in viewing angles and lighting conditions. This film is commonly employed in architectural and automotive industries to achieve a dynamic visual appearance. The colour modulation in response to varying conditions serves aesthetic purposes while maintaining functionality, such as solar control and privacy features.

Advantages of Chameleon Window Film

Explore the distinct advantages that make Chameleon Window Film the go-to choice for automotive enthusiasts:

Adaptive Aesthetics

  • Chameleon Window Film dynamically adjusts its tint based on sunlight and ambient light conditions, ensuring a stylish and ever-changing look for your vehicle.

  • Elevate your car's aesthetics with a tint that harmonises seamlessly with its surroundings.

Privacy with Precision

  • Enjoy on-demand privacy as the film adapts to the level of sunlight, offering a shield against unwanted attention.

  • Maintain visibility from the inside while keeping prying eyes at bay.

UV Shielding for Your Ride

  • Guard your vehicle's interior against harmful UV rays with the film's advanced protective features.

  • Preserve the upholstery and ensure a comfortable driving experience.

How Chameleon Window Film Works

Dive into the technical brilliance of Chameleon Window Film:

Photochromic Marvel

  • Chameleon Window Film employs state-of-the-art photochromic technology.

  • Specialised molecules react to sunlight and UV radiation, triggering a reversible chemical reaction that adjusts the tint.

Dynamic Adaptation

  • Darkening in response to increased sunlight, the film provides shade and UV protection during bright conditions.

  • In low-light scenarios, the film lightens, maintaining optimal visibility without compromising privacy.

Installation of Chameleon Window Film

Choose the installation method that suits your preference:

  • Professional Precision. Opt for professional installation for a flawless finish. Our technicians ensure the film is applied with meticulous precision, maximising its adaptive capabilities.

  • DIY Ease. For the hands-on car enthusiast, Chameleon Window Film offers a user-friendly installation process. Follow our step-by-step instructions for a successful DIY application.

Revolutionise your driving experience with Chameleon Window Film - where automotive aesthetics meet dynamic adaptability. Explore the Tintfit Window Films collection and elevate your ride with this unparalleled automotive innovation.

  • Yes, chameleon window tints are generally legal in the UK, but there are certain regulations that must be adhered to. The law stipulates that car window tints must allow a minimum level of light to pass through. Specifically, the front windscreen must allow at least 75% of light through, and the front side windows must allow at least 70% of light through.

    Chameleon tints, like any other window film, should comply with these visibility standards. If the tints obstruct the driver's view or fall below the prescribed light transmission levels, they may be deemed illegal.

    It is essential for vehicle owners to ensure that their window tints meet the legal requirements to avoid potential penalties, including fines and points on their driving licence. To ascertain compliance, it is advisable to consult the specific regulations outlined in the UK Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986. Always seek professional installation to guarantee adherence to legal standards.

  • Chameleon tint, if applied within the legal parameters outlined by the UK Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, is unlikely to directly impact your insurance coverage. However, any modifications to your vehicle, including window tints, should be reported to your insurance provider as part of your obligation to disclose relevant information.

    Failure to inform your insurance company about modifications may result in potential complications in the event of a claim. It is advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand their specific policies regarding window tinting and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

    In summary, chameleon tint itself is not a direct factor affecting insurance, but adherence to legal regulations and transparent communication with your insurance provider regarding vehicle modifications are crucial to maintaining comprehensive coverage.

  • The value of chameleon tints is subjective and dependent on individual preferences. From a legal standpoint in the UK, chameleon tints are permissible as long as they adhere to the prescribed visibility standards outlined in the UK Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986.

    Whether chameleon tints are deemed "worth it" is contingent upon personal considerations such as aesthetics, privacy preferences, and the desire for a unique vehicle appearance. It is crucial to ensure that any window tint, including chameleon tints, complies with legal requirements to avoid potential legal consequences.

    When evaluating the worth of chameleon tints, users should consider both their aesthetic appeal and the importance of adhering to regulations governing vehicle modifications. Prior to installation, individuals are encouraged to research local laws and consult with professionals to make an informed decision based on their specific needs and legal obligations.

  • Chameleon tint, like other window tints, primarily relies on external light conditions for its transformative effect. At night, when external light diminishes, the chameleon effect becomes less pronounced. The tint tends to appear darker and reflective, resembling a more conventional tinted window.

    It's important for users to be aware that the chameleon effect is most noticeable during daylight or when exposed to significant light sources. Therefore, the effectiveness of chameleon tint at night is limited compared to its daytime performance. Users should consider this factor when deciding on the suitability of chameleon tint for their specific needs and preferences.

  • No, chameleon tint is applied to the inside surface of windows. The installation process involves placing the tint film on the interior of the glass and adhering it securely. This application method is standard for various types of window tints, ensuring protection from external elements and maintaining the desired aesthetic effect.

    Applying chameleon tint on the outside would expose it to weather conditions, UV radiation, and potential damage, compromising its longevity and effectiveness. Professional installers follow the standard practice of installing chameleon tint on the interior side of windows to ensure durability and optimal performance.

  • The primary distinction between chameleon tint and regular tint lies in their visual characteristics and the nature of the tinting effect.

    • Chameleon Tint: Chameleon tint is known for its unique colour-shifting properties. This type of tint changes colours depending on the angle and intensity of light. It creates a dynamic, iridescent effect that adds a distinctive and eye-catching appearance to the windows. Chameleon tint is often chosen for its ability to stand out and provide a personalised touch to a vehicle or property.

    • Regular Tint: Regular tint, on the other hand, maintains a consistent colour or shade without any colour-changing properties. It is available in various shades and darkness levels, providing options for reducing glare, enhancing privacy, and protecting against UV rays. Regular tint is chosen based on preferences for a classic, uniform appearance and the desired level of light transmission.

    In terms of functionality, both chameleon tint and regular tint can offer features such as UV protection, glare reduction, and increased privacy. However, the primary difference lies in the aesthetic effect and the level of visual customization that chameleon tint provides.

    Ultimately, the choice between chameleon tint and regular tint depends on individual preferences for either a dynamic, colour-shifting appearance or a more traditional, consistent tinted look. It's advisable for users to consider their aesthetic preferences and the intended purpose of the tint when making a decision.

  • The cost of obtaining chameleon tint varies based on factors such as the quality of the film, the brand, and the size of the installation area. As a general reference, the starting price for chameleon tint film is £29.00 per square metre. However, it is essential to note that this is the cost of the film alone and does not encompass the installation expenses.

    Additionally, the overall expense should consider the professional installation of chameleon tint. The installation cost depends on factors like the type of vehicle or property windows, the complexity of the installation process, and the expertise of the installer. Professional installation ensures proper application, longevity, and adherence to legal standards.

    Transparency about costs and thorough consideration of both material and installation expenses are crucial when budgeting for chameleon tint, ensuring a satisfactory and legally compliant outcome.

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